Song Writing Services
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Welcome to the evolution of singer/song writer co-operation and engagement!

Not only do we offer musical arrangements and session work, we also offer pre-production services such as Song Writing. We go about our song writing services in a unique and engaging way! We have a ridiculously massive song database from artists that are chart hitting, international award winning and some extremely talented songwriters without the vocal ability to produce a finished product! From Instrumentals, to lyrics, to vocal top lines and full songs! We can offer pre-made hits and we can work with you to create a masterpiece using your vision!


We understand how expensive music can be so we also do royalty and sync licensing deals to help keep initial costs down! A tailored package to suit your needs, always! The great thing about this service is we can operate the project in many ways making it even easier and more convenient for you! You could come in to one of our studios and work in person with your producer, you could work via email and social messaging to achieve your result OR if you have a VR set up you can virtually be in the room working with your producer in real time!


Are you ready to go from sentimental expressions to sentimental stories that captivate and engage your listeners? Are you ready to rock the socks off your live fans with sing along songs delivered with dynamic passion?

There are so many ways to write a hit! Enquire today!


With our wide range of staff from all generations, abilities and specialties we utilise their skills to maximise your development!

Award Winning

Our staff have had lots of local chart success! One of our founders is an international award winner, so we know how to get the best results from your music!


We combine long standing proven techniques with leading edge technology and practices to create the ultimate results!


From coming into the studio, to the comfort of your own home but working alongside your producer, to not even having to have any contact other than via message! We can cater to your every need!