Rehearsal Room Services
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Rehearsal spaces don't all have to be the same... come and join us and see how creativity releases creativity!

We have several Rehearsal Room options! We have the standard traditional rehearsal room you can rock out in! We have the studio you can rehearse your timing and recording ability! We have the full stage experience where you can practice using a full gig set up on our stage, in secret or while we’re open! From personal experience, how do you expect to maximize your learning potential and perfect your stage routine without an actual stage to do so on? We also go further than that and have training staff on site to help you choreograph your routines and stage train you!


From renting the empty room (empty for us is still full of character and creativity) and bringing your own equipment to use so you can replicate your exact sound to renting our high quality, professional equipment! We have you covered! Our acoustically treated rehearsal room(s) whilst full of high-tech, and low-tech, gear also has a buzzer in and the ability to order so our bar staff can serve you without you ever having to leave the bar; meaning more rehearsal time and potentially a cheeky bevvy… cheers to that! (This applies to the studio hire too naturally!)


Now for the stage set up! We only use the very best equipment relevant to the task in hand and we supply you with a sound AND lighting engineer to tweak as you go, and in between each song, to replicate a live gig and to ensure EVERY song you perform is at its full glory and potential! Not only can you rehearse, we can help you BUILD your stage performance, sound dynamics and lighting FX to go… take then on a USB to every gig you perform at for guaranteed perfection!

YOU DESERVE MORE! We are here to deliver that!


We have a wide range of rehearsal options and timings to suit your every need and desire!


We have everything you could think of in-house so you’ll never be stuck at rehearsal without a bit of kit… or go thirsty and dry your vocals out!


Our rehearsal rooms don’t just help you learn; they enhance your experience to the next level!


With our immense knowledge of music and entertainment, we can ensure your rehearsal times are extra efficient!