Every artist, aspiring or pro, has that song tucked away in the background that they’ve never quite pulled the trigger on and sent for mastering!

Maybe it’s not in the genre you usually work in, maybe you like it but can’t help feeling there’s something missing… maybe you’re like every other artist and just can’t stop yourself writing the next masterpiece before you finish the last one…

Whatever the reason… you’ve kept hold of this track… there’s a reason for that… just maybe this is going to be the left fielder that unexpectedly blasts you to the stratosphere of rock/indie/punk/rap/reggae/pop star heaven!

Bar Side Studios is proud to present ‘Off Beat

We provide a service where our seasoned mixing and mastering pros will work on your potential masterpiece between their high priority jobs.

You get the exact same level of detail, the exact same skilled technicians and the same level of commitment that we dedicate to every single job that we take on!

What you do not get is a rapid turnaround… but then again this isn’t really designed for that; if you want a fast turn-around from a high-level pro studio then of course you’re still in the right place, and we still beat our competitor prices, but check out our main site for full details 😉

We won’t charge you a standard hourly rate, we’ll charge you a ridiculously reduced total price that’s roughly based on the number of hours our team think it will take and then we take 70% off the total and charge you that!

Daaaaaaamn…. so to put this into perspective, you want £1,000 of high-end work done on your material, but your’re not in a rush… give us £300 and consider it done!

70% discount for being chill, seems fair to us!

Talk to us today about getting the sounds of your dreams at a price that anyone can afford!

(We also always try our best to access grants, and to just help out ourselves, for artists who can’t afford to pay for sessions themselves… lack of money should not stop you reaching for your dreams!)

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