Musical Arrangements Services
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Imagine a world where you can pick and choose international award winning artists to help perfect your track - 'Welcome to Bar Side Studios!'

The majority of our collective of professional and award-winning musicians provide session services for various styles of performances and studio/live recording across a wide range of genres. We do many things in many ways such as adding strings to complement and complete a song in the studio, we can add a piano accompaniment to your new social media advert that flows perfectly with the imagery! With our collective of proven and versatile musicians you can always achieve the optimal result.

When it comes to live performances, we can supply everything from experienced session backing musicians up to a full orchestra for your every desire – for a one-off event, or even for a world tour!

We have a wide array of backing singers and instrumentalists for any number of shows! Enquire about our collaborative network of accomplished supporting vocalists, musicians and bands so that we can book you the talent your music deserves.

When it comes to arrangements Bar Side Studios can provide specialist arrangers, composers and experienced musicians to help with bespoke needs, no matter the size of the group or musical style! Even if our inhouse team aren’t specialists in your niche, our international panel definitely will be! This is the same for composition and includes experienced composers for film, TV, original live accompaniment and sound tracking.


We are well versed in music theory, both old and new! However, we are specialists in creativity! We can find a sound to suit your every need!

In-House Team

We are home to many staff of different abilities and passions! If your producer cannot play that instrument or quite match the vibe you’re going for, we can grab you someone that can!


We cover a humongous variety of arrangement types for multiple platforms! We can even help write different versions of your song so it can fit multiple uses!


Don’t just trust our fancy words and impressive graphics! We have multiple successes for you to see for yourself!