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Masters of the mixing universe from around the globe - gathered here for your extreme mixing delights!

Congratulations! You’ve recorded your next song! Perhaps it’s your first ever! Now you need to find the perfect sound balance and blend in both ears AND an overall balance for every different device there is available to hear it through… daaaaamn! Luckily for you we have mixing engineers that have studied in top global universities and others with successful chart careers!


Using our top-of-the-line ultra-modern equipment, and technicians always beyond up to date on all current trends and technology, in our professional acoustically treated studio rooms; we will develop your passion project and next hit with more clarity, dynamics and balance than you’ve ever experienced! We spend hours perfecting it so you can love every second!


We also cover live sound mixing and sound engineering, both live and recorded, to give your music that extra oomph! With global genre specialists and general mixing specialists on our roster, we can ensure you get the magical blend you always dreamed of!

Multi Device Testing

We won’t just mix your track with our expensive headphones and through our state-of-the-art monitors! Average Joe and Joanna won’t be using those… so we’ll also test your blend on everything we can think of, and then some!

Real Time

Are you as fussy with your mix as we are? You can come and sit in with the producer whilst they work too! We don’t find you annoying, we urge you to have as much input as possible and love your passion, it’s an extension of you after all!

Talent Roster

We have an impressive collection of specialists ready to enhance your sound! From our local team to our overseas experts, we have you covered!


Want to get that perfect release to smash out to concert halls, or are you just looking for a special romantic gift for your partner? We will help you perfect your form whatever the reason!

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