An international panel of award winning masters of mastering at your disposal... plus our incredibly talented in house staff of course!

Do you have that one track that’s almost exactly what you want but it just doesn’t POP in the way you envisioned? Do you know how to record and mix but haven’t yet mastered mastering? Perhaps you love recording in a specific studio, but the producer just doesn’t quite have that like-minded ear to get you to where you want it? There could be many reasons why you need us to help take your song from wow to Woooooooow! Using Logic pro, and many world-class award-winning plug ins, on our class leading high end 32 channel live studio console and the obligatory Mac with massive work screens combined with our staffs extreme technical skills; we will always deliver an enhanced, professional and personalized sound to boost your fans excitement to make them want to play your track on repeat repeat repeat repeat!


Being International award-winning musicians, and loving many genres ourselves, we’ve learnt while dabbling that to get the very best sound for your niche… it requires someone who is obsessed and passionate about said niche. The ones who study and practice it day in and day out! So not only do we have our general well-rounded in-house team who can get the job done, we have a roster of internationally based mastering specialists that are award winning and chart topping in their respected niche/genre!


But a master is a master, it just needs to be good. Please, don’t insult yourself! That’s like saying your vocals just need to be good! A massive percentage of people can sing in tune but fall into the average category! Your vocal uniqueness is what sets you apart so shouldn’t your master should do the same?


Your vocal sound and finish is unique because so are you! Why shouldn’t your finishing touch within the master represent that as well?


We have many niche and genre specialists who can work in person, or remotely, with you to ensure your sound is perfect for your fans!


We’re not a bedroom studio and our staff are highly skilled professionals! We only use the best software and technology available.


We like to think that we can provide that little extra boost that you need to push your releases to the next level.