Live Lounge Service

What happens when one of the freshest recording studios meets the worlds most refreshing beer?

We are here to give you the opportunity to deliver authentic and meaningful live versions of your music in two forms! In our Live Lounge sessions, we want to go that little bit further and place you in the room whilst they’re performing!

Our fantastic VR and videography team have teamed up to deliver the most realistic first-person experience of a Live Lounge session… as if the artist is performing just for you! Then there is the Live, Live lounge in which you are immersed into a fully-fledged, people filled gig where you can mosh and dance along!

We record our Live Lounge sessions using the latest Presonus Studiolive 32 Series 3, we chose this for our Live Lounge due to the impressive ability to record dual unadulterated raw digital audio at the same time as the fader mix! Combine this with our innovative 360 VR recording facilities and you have content unlike anyone else in the industry!

We run a fully equipped set up, including a top-of-the-line hybrid drum kit, that you can use or you are most welcome to bring your own treasured gear; either way we have you covered.

But wait, there’s more… we have conspired with Budweiser to deliver Bar Side with Buds!

You will get to promote your content alongside one of the biggest brand names known to humanity, pretty much anywhere in the world a Bud is a Bud! Exciting times indeed my friends. Why should the prestigious opportunities only come to the established stars? We think you’re all stars and we’re going to prove it! Upgrade your content and EPK vastly with us!


The worlds leading beer and our leading partner when it comes to music!


Home to the worlds first fully immersive VR recording studio and the freshest kid on the block.


Our expert team will record your session live wilst ensuring perfect levels and those little tweaks that just make things sound a little better!


Whilst we record your live session we will also be recording pure untouched digital audio for later use… mixed with the fader recording we can literally do anything!