From festivals to family functions, we are here to ensure that your event is the best it can be... and then just a little bit better!

We have a ridiculously large array of talented, hardworking, local and national and international artists and professionals to add the energy, the passion and the excitement needed to keep your event on track and earning top tier reviews (and awards)!

We can cater for anything from a multi-day/multi-site festival to a personal soiree with your closest friends! We will source the best talent suited to your unique event to make it memorable and the talk of the town. A perfect calibre of entertainment turns a good idea for an event into an epic one in actuality that will stick in your participants minds, helping them to remember the message, the cause, the brand, the person or the product at the centre of your incredibly well put together event.


We’ve spent a decades collecting our portfolio of performers from seeing them in person and/or scouting their socials and live content and are very proud of them. With a diverse range of vocalists, musicians, bands, DJs, comedians, drag acts, trained event staff and so much more… we can always deliver beyond your needs!

If you are a performer reading this then send us your EPK to and we’ll check you out!


We can also help with a range of other event services to ensure your event is perfect. Trust our venue sourcing team to find the best possible venue and speak to our event infrastructure team to ensure your planning and promotion is tip-top. We are event and entertainment experts, our team is always ready and will ensure your event is a success!


With a vast array of options and styles we are proud to cater for any occasion


We are the OCD weirdos that make sure everything is done properly, stress free and smile more!


You can bounce off of us to create a unique event! We love firsts! That’s why we have the worlds first… several things really!


Comprehensively built based off your vision! From colours, to sounds, to style, this is about you… not us!