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Have you never had a music lesson, but have a burning passion for it or a secret talent of singing in the shower? Perhaps you have had a few lessons and want to hone your skill, or maybe you’ve even had many lessons, play multiple instruments and sing perfectly but you lack on the graphic media and management side? Talent is a big deal yes, but what’s the use if you don’t have a platform to present it on?


We have international award-winning staff within the music industry ready to train and help you grow to your full potential! I mean, they’ve done it themselves using the very methods they’ll be teaching, plus more that is directly relevant to your career! Not only have they had local and international radio chart topping songs, but they have also won awards for their entities as a whole such as an award in international band of the year by the International Singer Songwriter Association.


On top of this, we have massive support by Budweiser and host Bar Side with Bud projects and Live Lounge sessions… so not only are you learning from the people who are currently winning awards, you are also dealing with THE next best music and entertainment industry hub where you can achieve amazing opportunities and confidently deliver on every experience!


Everyone who works with us is a performing artist… we love what ‘we’ do!


We can work with you on a tailored program or through one of our tried and trusted methodologies.


Everyone is different, thankfully or wouldn’t life be dull, and as such we work with you to achieve the perfect outcome in the perfect way for ‘you’!

Career Growth

Not only do we give you the skills to develop your career, we also put you in touch with the contacts you’ll need to make it happen!