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Who We Are / What We Do

We are Bar Side Studios with Budweiser

The first fully immersive VR recording studio in the WORLD!

We all know that the world is constantly changing, continually evolving, technology is advancing and we’ll always find some area where we turn around and go ‘well where on earth did that come from!’.

Welcome to ‘Bar Side Studios with Budweiser’!

We bring you the worlds first fully immersive VR recording studio (a lot more detail on this all over the site, you won’t have to look far) sponsored by Budweiser… we also do all of the normal recording stuff of course, plus the world class ‘Live Lounge’ recording set up, actually… just check out the rest of the website; it’s worth it, I promise.

Who we work with...



We use industry leading hardware and software to ensure that your final release will always exceed expectations.



We will never overcharge you and we will never tag on unnecessary ‘additional extras’.



We offer solutions to problems before you even know it could be a problem!



Open 24/7, session musicians always on hand, anything can happen at Bar Side with Buds!
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We won’t lie… the answer is almost anything!

We can’t list every single thing we offer in this section; we’d either run out of server space or create a website so damn long none of you would actually look through it to find what you need!

If we haven’t listed a product or service then please just drop us a line… our promise to you is simple, if we don’t offer it directly we have dedicated specialist consultants working in house with us who do.


We will always go beyond your expectations

There is so much we could say here… the simple and genuine reason is that we care about your music and we want to ensure that get the most out of the process  you can!
We run all the latest pro equipment, as you can see from other sections in this site we offer all kinds of weird and wonderful to help you achieve your own inner greatness, but we also want you to succeed!

If you have any technical, or other, questions please just drop us a line… or just drop in to say hello… and we’ll answer them for you; better to cover what you need rather than initially overwhelm with ‘what we can’ do.

If it’s working with our internationally acclaimed, international, panel of genre specific industry experts or just jamming out a missing refrain for your latest masterpiece with one of our on-site instrumentalists… we are here for you!


The lengths we go to so you’re comfortable

We offer such a wide range of facilities to all our customers it’s impossible to list them all here, so I’ll just rattle out a few here to get you excited so you read the rest of this amazing website!

Private enclosed ‘green screen’ room – Industry leading ‘Live Lounge’ recording set up – Private VR suites – Full analogue and digital recording facilities for studio and live – On-site restaurant and bar with private booths – Rehearsal rooms including practice stage – Olympic size swimming pool… okay, so one of those things isn’t true but I suppose having everything would be greedy!


Two things we can’t do without… a highly skilled team, and stuff for them to use
EQUIPMENT - click me, dare ya!
  • Presonus Studiolive 32 Series 3 AI Mixing Desk
  • Peavey FX32 32 Channel Non-Powered USB Mixer and effects
  • 32 Channel Focusrite Saffire Series Pro 40 Rack
  • Pro level Mac hardware with humongous work screens
  • Alesis Strike Pro SE Electronic Drum Kit
  • Wide range of Pro mics from every industry standard
  • 88 Weighted Key Keyboard with full midi (also a real piano)
  • Multiple high-end amps and pre-amps
  • More pedals than it’s worth listing here!
  • Very funky and tactile Roli Block Keyboard
  • DJ Equipment from Pioneer & Behringer
  • Logic Pro, Studio One 5, all the usual suspects software wise
  • Almost any instrument you could want, we have to hand
  • A strange collections of old and unusual equipment……
  • So much more, just ask and we probably have!
OTHER STUFF - may as well click me too!
  • Fully recordable stage with 32 live channels
  • Ability to record same stream pure and with fader… at the same time!
  • Pro stage lighting – sound activated and DMC programmable
  • Green room facilities available on site
  • High end pro stage monitors with auto fail safe
  • High volume multi-level haze machines
  • Complete back up system… if everything explodes we still carry on!
  • Full immersion Virtual Reality recording sessions (world’s first)
  • Private artists green room – it’s literally green!
  • Private bar for recording artists – or just grab a drink at the main bar
  • We have so much going on it’s easier to just ask if we ‘don’t’ have it 😉

Huw-Morgan Evans

Co-Founder all round freak

E: huw@barsidestudios.com

The man of youth, vigor, intellectual excellence and a style surpassed only by that of the angels garbed in heavenly robes of silk and wild wilderbeest skin… as they marvel at his glow of all round superbity he gently helps them spend that nasty nasty corporate invention ‘money’!


Daniel James Colin Reid

Co-Founder – loves the music

E: dan@barsidestudios.com

Dan is a man with a plan… no one quite knows what that plan is, many have wondered if he actually mumbled ‘mmmgorra pan’ one morning whilst stumbling around looking for a way to cook his morning nuggy flavoured bacon… regardless, a plan is what we’ll go with for now at least!


El León de Southampton

Stange Spanish human we adopted!

E: leon@barsidestudios.com

No one really knows who, or even what really, ‘Leon’ is… we found him one day curled up in his own magnificent beard… even its immense hugeness barely keeping the winter snow off him… we let him sleep in the coal shed and he’s never left since… to be fair he’s also a pretty awesome studio tech!


Start a project with us!


21-22 Palmerston Road,
Southampton, UK. SO14 1LL


07305 963 373

+44 7305 963 373



Let's make some magic happen!

Drop us a line, tell us what you need… we are a dedicated team of practicing musicians and technicians who’s only job in life is to make ‘YOU’ happy!
(He’s not joking, he keeps us all in the cellar when we’re not working… I’m only the IT guy, I just came here for one day to install the improved WiFi… that was months ago… please, help us, I have a wife and two children I haven’t seen since Christmas, for the love of……  )

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